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Musical Theatre Writers

Aliza Sotsky (words) and Julio Vaquero (music) are a songwriting duo and composing team for musical theate. We are commited to tell stories that matter, digging into the big questions of our time. And the best way we find to do so is through humor and fun, trying to connect immediatly with the audience. Their music has been performed in iconic stages of New York such as the Rattlestick theatre, the Soho Plahouse or Feinstein's 54 Bellow.


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The Great Aphrodite’s Marriage Makeover is about a couple's retreat gone wrong. There are three couples, two con men, a pop star and a fake therapist named April who was supposed to cancel the retreat.Over the course of the weekend the couples will face the reality of their marriages and April will realize why what she did was so wrong. They will all learn the power of being honest with yourself and those around you. With a fun pop score, an 8 person cast, and a 90 minute run time, “The Great Aphrodite’s Marriage Makeover” is a ride that takes off and never stops going. You’ll leave the theater feeling a little bit lighter, and singing a catchy tune.

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